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Blackthorn Good Neighbours Nursery 

Here you can discover more about the activities, services and information we offer, including links to lots of useful web sites

New from September 2017- Now offering 30 hours funded places 

We provide a stimulating and fun environment for your child * Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 3.30   * 
 Our 30 hours funded place offer: 
Here at BGN we leave 10% of our occupancy available for the 30 hours entitlement.
We have different options available for this.
We can offer either 23.25 hours per week for 49 weeks of the year or 30 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year (term time only).
Option 1- 23.25 hours a week for 49 weeks of the year.
Monday-Thursday 8.45-13.45 and a Friday 12.30-15.30
Monday-Thursday 10.30-15.30 and a Friday 12.30-15.30
There is availability of wrap around care at a cost of £8.40 and Breakfast club from £2.00 per day.
Option 2-30 hours for 38 weeks (term-time only- excludes bank holidays and teacher training days).
Monday-Thursday 8.15-12.00 and 12.30-15.30 and Friday 12.30 to 15.30. Lunch club is not included within this offer. There is a cost of £3.00 per day or your child will need to go home for lunch.  
Funded sessions available are:
For children accessing their 15 hours childcare we offer
(2 and 3 year olds term-time only excluding training days and bank holidays).
The options are:
4 mornings (8.15-12.00) Monday-Thursday
5 afternoons (12.30-15.30)
Additional fees:
£20.00- am session 8.15-12.00 (3hr.25mins
£14.40- pm session 12.30-15.30 (3 hours)  
£3.00 for lunch club
£1 weekly snack contribution
£36.90 for a full day
£184.50 for a full week  
If you would like anymore information regarding nursery or if you wish to come and look round please contact Hayley or Sam on 01604 411166 or email


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We are also available on  FACEBOOK PAGE  

For more information contact Hayley or Sam on 01604 411166 or email


For online advise about social online use or latest technology information for you or your children click here to access help and information


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